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AQUA ADD-ON SYSTEMS, INC., established in September 25, 2002, is an independent organization primarily engaged in the importation, distribution and installation of water purification & treatment systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Our company is one of the trusted in the market. Our system makes use of quality brands such as Pure, Pentek, Servtec, Aqua Pro, Fluid-O-Tech, Filtaworx, and Vulcan.

For residential, commercial, and industrial applications, our system is ideal for hotel, resort, water parks, hospital, bottling, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, industrial factories, power plants, dams/water reservoir industry, water district and centralized water supply for food, drink processing in office, school university and restaurants.

We customize design and upgrade wastewater treatment systems for domestic and industrial applications. Our systems are designed to meet discharge permit based on DENR DAO 2016-08 standard.

Our products include a full line of quality reverse osmosis systems, compact water filter, UV system, full line of water filtration equipment, water refilling equipment, and green technology equipment for water descaler (VULCAN) and self cleaning water filter (FILTAWORX).

We presently supply, install and service water purification and treatment in residences, restaurants and manufacturing plants located in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.